Putting Farmers First During a Global Health Crisis

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In this uncertain time, food security is more essential than ever. We’re rapidly reinventing our services to keep farmers safe and well-supported in the era of social distancing.

First, we truly hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy at home. During this time of crisis have been reflecting on the importance of continued agricultural production. Most of the population in Pakistan rely on food produced by smallholder farmers, and we simply cannot afford to compound a health crisis with a food crisis. We will continue to serve farmers for as long as we can do so safely and responsibly. 

At the same time, how we do the work we do must change significantly. We pride ourselves on meeting farmers in their fields, and providing one-on-one service—all of which is up for reinvention. 

Our teams are working around the clock to re-imagine our operations in ways that incorporate government guidance on meeting size, hand washing, and social distancing. 

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