FIDA is enhancing people’s well-being through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions. We work through an ecosystem approach integrating and delivering services that empower smallholders and marginalized grow their way out of poverty and uncertainty and to be more profitable.


our history-Building on lessons learned for greater impact

Farmers’ Integrated Development Association (FIDA) was founded in 2006 by graduates of a season long training programme “Farmers Training of Facilitators (FTOF)”. The trainees were the smallholder farmers from Vehari District of Punjab Pakistan. The trainees were responsible to practice the learning at field level through establishment of Farmer Field Schools, Women Open Schools and Children Ecology Clubs. All these non-formal education approaches were to educate the farmers on different aspects of agriculture like crop production technologies, health hazards of mechanized agriculture and protection of natural enemies.

As the result of capacity building these limited-resource growers were educated for Integrated Pest Management and empowered to raise their voices for their rights. That was realization that lay down the foundation of FIDA as the needs of the rural population, especially of smallholders, in Vehari District were not being adequately researched which motivated these charged smallholders to establish the Farmers’ Integrated Development Association (FIDA).