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FIDA envisions Socio-economic empowerment of deprived people to enjoy sustainable development and lead a dignified existence. [vc_empty_space height="10px"]
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About Our Work

FIDA Pakistan / About Our Work

01Mission and vision

To pave the way for a brighter and more resilient future for communities across Pakistan.

We envision a world where every individual has access to sustainable livelihood opportunities, ample food supply, and a safe environment to thrive. Through our concerted efforts, we strive to uplift vulnerable communities and build a prosperous, harmonious, and sustainable world for generations to come.

  • To build the capacity of village-level farmer groups, to manage natural resources in and around villages in a sustainable manner.
  • To upgrade the level of awareness among poor and socially excluded community development programs to increase access and quality of services. 
  • To promote community-based organizations (CBOS) at the grassroots level for sustainable development.
  • To increase the income of poor and socially excluded communities through technical support for local production, self-employment generation, accessibility to resources, and market linkages in order to secure improved livelihood.

02Charity projects

Farmers’ Integrated Development Association (FIDA) is a people-centered not-for-profit non-governmental organization working with smallholders especially women farmers for their sustainable livelihoods, education, life skills for youth, nutrition, food security and safety, climate change adaptation, and human institutional development. FIDA directly engages with communities, implements integrated sustainable rural development and promotes citizen participation in rural governance combined with sustainable development solutions through the ‘rights-based participatory development approach. In order to advocate for and promote rights-based sustainable development, FIDA works both at the policy and practice levels.


Think big, act urgently

Economize without compromise

Challenge convention

03Foundation and events

Participatory Learning Approaches like;

Farmer Field School (FFS)

Woman Open School (WOS)

Children Ecology Club (CEC)

Training of Facilitators (ToF)

Training of Trainers (ToT)


Facilitation and Training Skills

Land Less Familiy Farmers Climate Smart Food Facility

Family Farmer Field School (3FS)

Insurance Crop Facility (ICF)

Homestead and Collective Gardening and Marketing

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