Green Army: Fueling Progress, Harvesting Hope!

The Green Army Unleashes Change!
FIDA Pakistan / Green Army: Fueling Progress, Harvesting Hope!

Green Army: Fueling Progress, Harvesting Hope!


CLIMATE ALERT: Pakistan in the Spotlight ????

Hold on tight! Pakistan ranks 10th globally in climate vulnerability, standing at the forefront of change. Brace yourselves – we’re the 8th most at risk globally, demanding urgent attention.

THE BIG PICTURE: Connecting the Dots

In a nation where 23% of the GDP depends on agriculture, the threat is real. With a 21% poverty rate and livelihoods on the line, it’s time for a game-changer. Climate change isn’t just about rising temperatures; it’s a puzzle affecting water, health, energy, and food security. The clock is ticking, especially for the most vulnerable among us.


Enter the superheroes of change – FIDA’s Green Army! We’re not just fighting climate change; we’re managing its impact on life itself. Imagine youths and children organized, equipped, and charging into the battle against climate adversity. We’re not just talking; we’re cultivating nature-based solutions, empowering smallholders and the marginalized to thrive.

GLOBAL RECOGNITION: The Green Army on the Rise

Not convinced? Check the Global Climate Risk Index 2016 – we’re making waves on the world stage! It’s not just about survival; it’s about thriving, growing, and making the world more profitable for everyone.

Ready to join the Green Army and be part of the change? The future is calling, and together, we’re harvesting hope and sowing the seeds of a resilient tomorrow.

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Location: District Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan
Date: August 7, 2017
Duration: 328 Days