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Green Army

Be ready to beat climate change
FIDA Pakistan / Green Army

Green Army


Pakistan is the 10th most affected country due to increasing climate variability and utmost vulnerability to climate change in the last 2-decades[1]. Considering the increasingly apparent effects of climate change, governments around the globe are trying to understand the pitfalls they face. Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change: it ranks 8th in the world in terms of long-term risks and was the fifth worst-affected country in 2014. Pakistan along with the Philippines features in the German watch list both in the long-term indicator and in the last 4 years’ lists of countries most affected. With a poverty rate of 21 percent and a large proportion of the population dependent on farming (which contributes 23 percent to GDP), Pakistan must take the threat of climate change seriously. The impacts of climate change cut across several aspects of life. Water, health, energy, and food security are gradually stressed, and in some areas can pose genuine apprehensions for livelihoods and indeed survival. These apprehensions particularly affect the poorest in society.

Green Army is formed by the Farmers’ Integrated Development Association (FIDA) towards managing the mentioned above impacts of climate changes on life on earth. Youths and children are organized and capacitated to be part of the efforts being done to combat climate change.

[1] Global Climate Risk Index 2016

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Location: District Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan
Date: August 7, 2017
Duration: 328 Days