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Insurance Crop Facility


The Insurance Crop Facility (ICF): Cultivating Resilience for Farmers!

Empowering smallholder farmers in Pakistan, FIDA’s Insurance Crop Facility (ICF) revolutionizes agriculture. Maximize yields through time-space intensification, growing diverse crops and hedgerow plants. Unleash the potential of unused borders for fruits and herbs as insurance against crop failure.

Key Features:

  • Empowering Communities: 554 families were selected through Community Based Organizations for active participation.
  • Holistic Support: Fruit plants, herb seeds, and seedlings are provided to beneficiaries.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Rigorous training on ICF model setup and crop management practices.

Impact: Transforming unused land into year-round food sources and livelihoods, ensuring food security for those facing financial constraints.

Join the FIDA Movement! Let’s sow the seeds of resilience and abundance together.

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Location: District Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan
Date: January 1, 2019
Duration: 396 Days