Climate Resilience

The climate is changing, and human conduct is the main aspect in the acceleration of climate change over the last few decades. Irrespective of how successful humans are at restraining the root causes of our warming planet, society is facing substantial impacts like frequent and severe weather, ocean warming and acidification, extended periods of drought and extreme temperatures, and other harmful effects of climate change. The ability to prepare for, recover from, and adapt to the impacts as mentioned earlier is called “climate resilience.”

Climate resilience is a common word in the climate change language. Extreme weather conditions have shown that resilience is a crucial component of any wide-ranging climate action program because climate change is not only a global but a hyper-local issue also. The causes and the broad impacts affect everybody on the globe, but climate resilience efforts must be accomplished at the asset, neighborhood, or individual level. It will be of immense importance to make a combined and coordinated effort, as none have seen before, to address this issue. The good news is that addressing these risks can not only protect people and property but also generate economic activity that will create domestic jobs and drive prosperity.

According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, Pakistan is one of the countries most affected by climate change. Much of its vulnerability is due to its geographic, demographic, and climatic conditions. Pakistan will face tremendous costs in terms of water, food, and energy security as a consequence of climate change. According to recent estimates, the average cost of annual adaptation to climate change could range from $6-14 billion through 2050 (at an average of US$10.7 billion). As part of a larger development agenda, Pakistan will need support from the international community to cope with these challenges. We welcome Pakistan’s strong commitment to combatting climate change and stand ready to support it.


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